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Xinpusheng is committed to continuously improving product energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint throughout the product lifecycle. We start from the very beginning, the innovation and R&D of energy-saving technologies.

Xinpusheng takes the efficient use and recycling of energy and resources as the core and strives to continuously increase the application of renewable resources to achieve green and high-quality development through technological innovation.  NHU insists on reusing, reducing, and decontaminating the three industrial wastes. Through joint R&D and the introduction of world leading recovery technologies and devices, we have effectively increased the utilization of resources. The COD emission and the energy consumption  are reduced  every year respectively.

Xinpusheng integrates the concept of circular economy into the operation and focuses on the recycling between industrial chains. The company turns waste into treasure after fully utilizing the raw materials.

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  • Sales subsidiary in Wuhan​:
    Wuhan Ability chemical technology Co., Ltd.

    Add:No 518 Qingnian Rd., Jianghan, Wuhan, Hubei Province, 430024, China.



  • Plant 1:
    Luotian Xinpusheng pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Add: No.152,Dabie Mountain Road,Luotian Economic Development Zone,Luotian County, Hubei Province,438600, P.R.China. 
    Tel: 0086-713-5895199  

    Plant 2:   

    Huanggang Eyes Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Add: No.2,Yingling 2nd Road,Huangzhou Railway Station Economic Development Zone,HuanggangCity,
    Hubei Province,438011,P.R.China 

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