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Basic Information:
  • Product name:Tryptamine
  • Alternate name:
  • CAS No.:61-54-1
  • Appearance:A white to light-yellow crystalline powder
  • Molecular Formula:


  • Molecular Weight:160.21
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Product Description:
  • Product code:XPST
  • Standard:98%
  • Shelf Life:1 years
  • Source:Chemical Synthesis
  • Certificate:
  • Function and Application:Pharmaceutical intermediate
Trade Information:
  • MOQ:1KG
  • Payment Terms:T/T, L/C ,Western Union
  • Origin:China
  • Packaging Details:25KG/Drum
  • Delivery Time:3-7days
Technical Specification:



Loss on drying

0.5% MAX

Sulphated ash

0.5% MAX

Heavy metal




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